Gillas Lane Primary Academy

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Admissions Policy


If you are choosing a Primary school we are happy to meet with possible new parents and children but, to make sure there is someone free to see you, it is best to telephone first.

Admissions to our Nursery class are dealt with in school.  Parents should register their child for a place shortly after the child’s second birthday – please call at the school’s main office bringing with you the child’s birth certificate and proof of your current address, e.g. utility bill etc.

Children can join the Reception class at the beginning of the school year in which they will be 5.  Admissions for Reception class are dealt with by the City of Sunderland’s Admissions Team.  If there are more applicants than there are vacancies, the Council allocates places using the following criteria:

  • Children with siblings already in school
  • Children with special needs that would be best catered for at Gillas Lane Primary
  • Distance by foot between home and school

For admission to school in later years, please contact the school’s main office who will give assistance with this.

If you require a place for Secondary School or Primary School in September 2014 then please follow this link to apply online:

More information is available on the City of Sunderland's website using this link.