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Take a look at what our plans are for Autumn 1 - as you can see we are going to be very busy in nursery!


Exciting Nursery Developments

We’re delighted to announce, that we’ve further improved our Nursey’s outdoor learning environment with the addition of some fantastic new resources.
There are plenty of new products for investigative learning and messy play which range from a Mud Kitchen to a Water Table.
Our new Mud Kitchen will transform the children into little chefs while they experience nature-rich messy play - the perfect resource for role play and investigative fun.
To transform the area into a mini quarry, we installed a Rope and Pulley System and Dig Pit. It will take collaboration and cooperation to transport materials across the system from the Dig pit!
If the Mud Kitchen runs low on ingredients, it will need more transporting across – a great way to boost teamwork.
For water play, we installed a Water Table which is superb for teaching science and maths concepts using vessels to float, sink, pour and measure.
We installed a Giant Playhouse to encourage role play activities. This open-ended resource is versatile and can be transformed into anything that the children’s imaginations think of.
To create a zone for mark making, we installed a Giant Whiteboard. This large scale blank canvas will encourage children to practice mark making while drawing on their surroundings for inspiration.
For physical development and gross motor skills, we installed the following:
• Clatter Bridge
• Stepping Logs
• Climbing Wall
We worked with Pentagon Play on this project and highly recommend them to anyone looking to develop their outdoor area.

You can visit their website here –

Have a look below at some photos of our new area, which was financially supported by Lottery Funding.