Gillas Lane Primary Academy and Nursery

Welcome to our school

Pupils' Voice:

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The Work of our School Council


As members of the School Council we are the pupil voice of our school.  As a group we assist Mrs Alsop in making decisions on how the school is run, we attempt to make it a more exciting place as well as helping to set up new events in school.  We have Councillors in every year group who have been chosen by the class to represent the opinions and ideas of fellow pupils. 


We have a School Council book for each class in which pupils write what we could possibly do or buy to make our school a better place to be (we rarely have much in as we already have a brilliant school!)


We meet once a month to discuss the requirements of pupils in addition to the concerns or questions that Mrs Alsop might have.  We also wear red badges to indicate to visitors and fellow pupils that we are members of the School Council.