Gillas Lane Primary Academy and Nursery

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Interactive literacy programme where children can access at home and at school with their password and username.

Instructions (download)


Espresso Education:

Interactive learning site can access at home and at school. 

username: student24866

password: gillas09


Interactive programme used in school where children have their own password and username.

We now are able to download Sumdog apps for iPad for use at home from

First News:

In school we subscribe to 'First News' newspaper, a weekly newspaper aimed at children.  Here is a link to First News TV's archive. 

Woodlands School Resources:

Interactive games and information for school children. 


BABELZONE is a fun and interactive language website used by many schools and home learners in the UK and abroad. 

Tesco Eat Happy Project:

Useful for Key Stage 1 pupils to learn about where our food comes from, to catch up on all the latest Farm to Fork news and find out what's coming up.  There are also fab recipes for you to try! 

The Woodland Trust:

Exciting information about our national/local environment. 

How Stuff Works

Engaging encyclopaedia of the modern (and not so modern) world, with good illustrations and clear text.


BBC Bitesize  and 

Mr Men

Videos, games, stories and more from 24 of Roger Hargreaves' unbeatable creations.


Play games, share your avatar, download screensavers and catch up on your favourite cartoon characters at the Mecca of TV cartoondom. Plus Nick Junior (, customised for pre-schoolers.


A gentle celebration of all things Cat In The Hat.

Switch Zoo

From a calligator to a dogophant, create crazy new animals online.

Guinness World Records

Searchable database of record-breaking feats - but only some, of course, they still want you to buy the book.

Innocent Kids

Great series of games and activities from the smoothies people. Match the animal with its poo is particularly engaging.

Cool Reads

Ten- to 15-year-olds pick and review their favourite books. More than 2,000 entries and growing.


From Brain Drains to Boredom Busters, jokes, games and interesting factoids - with a little learning along the way.

Top Marks

Well designed and good fun reference site for all those homework queries.

Ask Kids

Safe search engine for children.