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Gillas Lane Primary Academy and Nursery

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"Every human is an artist. The dream of your life is to make beautiful art."

Don Miguel Ruiz

Art & Design

At Gillas Lane, we value Art & Design and its position in the curriculum. It isn't just something that we do at the end of the term or as a treat on a Friday afternoon; it is given time, it is valued and it is celebrated.

Long Term Plans

Our Art & Design long term plans have been carefully designed so that children know more, can do more and remember more. We have four core areas of art and design that are revisited in each year group; Drawing, Painting and Mixed Media, Sculpture and 3D and Craft and Design.

Lessons have been carefully sequenced to ensure that each lesson builds on the previous one to provide opportunities for children to practise skills and apply their knowledge to consolidate learning. It is a pleasure to see our Gillas Lane children thinking like artists and becoming artists!

These are our long term plans for Art & Design.

Art & Design Milestones

Our Art & Design Milestones contain both the substantive and disciplinary knowledge needed to understand the threshold concepts.

Substantive Knowledge

Knowledge about art history and artists

  • the work of specific artists (current, historical, local and international)
  • how art has changed over time (styles and movements)

Knowledge about elements of art (mediums, materials and techniques)

  • drawing, painting & mixed media, sculpture & 3D, craft & design

Disciplinary Knowledge - thinking like an artist

How an artist considers

  • colour
  • form
  • line
  • shape
  • space
  • texture & pattern
  • value & appreciation