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Gillas Lane Primary Academy and Nursery

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Suspension and Exclusion Arrangements

  • Suspensions and exclusions will be used as a sanction for children at Gillas Lane Primary Academy. This takes account of the statutory published regulations and guidance applied from September 2012. (DfE - Exclusions from maintained schools, Academies and PRUs in England). The Headteacher or CEO will consider the responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010 before suspending or excluding a child.
  • The Headteacher or acting Headteacher of Gillas Lane Primary Academy can authorise suspensions or exclusions which must be on disciplinary grounds.
  • A child may be suspended for one or more fixed periods (up to 45 days in any one year may be imposed by the Headteacher or CEO acting on the advice of some or all of the following – Director of Safeguarding and Welfare, Assistant Headteacher).
  • In exceptional circumstances, a suspension can be converted to an exclusion.
  • Suspensions and exclusions will not be adopted without full investigation.
  • Parents will be notified of the period of the suspension and the reason for it. They will also be told of their rights concerning representations and their legal responsibilities to ensure their child is not present in a public place during school hours without reasonable justification.
  • Return from suspension will normally follow a re-integration meeting with parents though children are entitled to return to school when the period of suspension has elapsed.
  • Exclusions, which can only be imposed by the Headteacher or CEO, are a response to an unacceptably dangerous event or a last resort imposed when all else has failed. A meeting of the Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare Team must be held within 15 working days to consider the case. The decision can be challenged through independent review panels which have increased access to expertise on SEN. Review panels: (a) will not be able to reinstate a learner, (b) can uphold an exclusion, (c) can recommend that the governing body reconsiders its decision, (d) can direct a governing body to reconsider its decision.