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Gillas Lane Primary Academy and Nursery

Proud to be part of Aim High Academy Trust

"Music can change the world, because it can change people"



Gillas Lane is a school that embraces the therapeutic and mood enhancing qualities of music. From our daily morning Gillas Lane disco as the children enter school to the amazing performances by our confident children in a range of venues, music is the beating heart of our school. Our Music curriculum is a blend of specialist teaching from the inspirational School of Rock and Pop and use of Charanga; this is a high quality programme that supports non-specialists to deliver a high quality music curriculum.  

Here are our long term plans for Music.

Music Milestones

Our Music Milestones contain the disciplinary knowledge needed to understand the disciplinary concepts. Our mid term planning specifies the substantive knowledge the children will learn.


Music and SEND

At Gillas Lane, we are committed to increasing access for disabled pupils and supporting pupils with special educational needs (SEND). 


School of Rock and Pop

At Gillas Lane Primary Academy, we believe that music education should be relevant, engaging, motivating, and most importantly, it should ROCK!

Working with the School of Rock and Pop we are offering a vibrant music curriculum that improves outcomes and raises aspirations.

Pop Vocal Project - our children receive high quality vocal tuition and build confidence and self esteem through performing songs from Ed Sheeran to Stevie Wonder via Adele with a sprinkling of Ariana Grande

Rock-a-lele - whole class ukulele teaching gives children an excellent base for future string instruments. Harry Styles and Shawn Mendes songs are quickly learned and performed. George Formby wouldn't know what had hit him!

Singing Assembly

Each Thursday, Team Gillas come together to sing their hearts out; and of course we give our singing assemblies that all important Gillas twist! Resilience, aspiration, strength - these are all themes that come through loud and proud on our singing assembly playlist; we take every opportunity to promote these characteristics and singing assembly is another way to do this. Here are some of our most recent assembly bangers!


Crazy What Gillas Can Do!

This is a school favourite - high tempo and guaranteed to get everyone singing! FYI - we have changed the lyrics to "crazy what Gillas can do" to remind us of how much we can achieve working as a team!


"I'm a fighter, it's like I was born to be one!" What a classic lyric which really resonates with Team Gillas. Things may be tough, but when we reach that mountain top and look down at we have achieved, we know we have won! 


Every day is a fresh start - no matter what happened yesterday, today your page is unwritten. This song reminds us that we are in charge of our own future and  we need to do all we can to make that future a bright one!

Music Development Plan

Our Music Development Plan summarises how Gillas Lane delivers music education to all of our children across three areas; curriculm music, co-curricular provision and musical experiences. This will help our families to understand what we offer at Gillas Lane and who we work with to support music education in school.