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"You live a new life for every language you speak.

If you only know one language, you only live once."

Czech proverb

MFL - Spanish

At Gillas Lane, we have made a deliberate decision to study Spanish as our modern foreign language. We made this decision as we know that Spain is the holiday of choice for our families and our children love to tell us that they've been able to practise their Spanish while on holiday. There is also a deliberate connection with our Geography curriculum. Although it is a KS2 National Curriculum subject, our Y2 class have weekly Spanish lessons in the Summer Term to ensure they are prepared to fully access the MFL curriculum in Y3.

Here are our long term plans for MFL - Spanish.



MFL Spanish Milestones

Our MFL Milestones contain the disciplinary knowledge needed to understand the disciplinary concepts. Our mid term planning specifies the substantive knowledge the children will learn.

Disciplinary Knowledge

  • Read fluently; recognise key vocabulary and phrases
  • Write imaginatively; use key vocabulary and phrases to write ideas
  • Speak confidently; use key vocabulary and phrases to verbally communicate ideas
  • Understand the Spanish culture; have the powerful knowledge needed to infer meaning from interactions


Substantive Knowledge

  • Grammar - use and apply correct grammar rules
  • Phonics - recognise and read phonics sounds and use them to read and speak
  • Vocabulary - build up a range of vocabulary words