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"In our changing world, nothing changes more than geography"

Pearl S Buck


Our Geography curriculum has been built as a bespoke progression model for our Gillas Lane children. Taking into account their starting points and experiences, we have designed a Geography curriculum that allows for the exploration of relationships and connections between people and the environment and the impact they have on each other. Links with the River Wears Trust enables our children to experience first hand the thrill of fieldwork that results in meaningful data analysis.


Here are our long term plans for Geography.



Geography Milestones

Our Geography Milestones contain both the substantive and disciplinary knowledge needed to understand the threshold concepts.

Substantive Knowledge

Knowledge of:

Location - for example, to name and locate locations and understand position

Place - the connection and interaction between location and physical and/or human geography

Environmental, physical and human geography - for example, migration, erosion, climate change

Fieldwork - for example knowing and understanding what a map is and the use of symbols on a map


Disciplinary Knowledge - how a geographer thinks about and interacts with the world

  • how a geographer examines knowledge and thinks about ideas through working with existing, developing and new geographical concepts
  • working like a geographer; how geographers think and find out what they know
  • how geographers apply their knowledge to the world; understanding everyday experiences, recognising the challenges facing people and the planet; and considering how to address injustices and inequalities